Bob Brown Official's Award

Named in honor of Robert W. Brown, Jr. who officiated football in both the high school and collegiate ranks and served as supervisor of officials of the Ohio Athletic Conference. The award recognizes officials who have officiated with honor during their years of service at either the national or collegiate level.

Bob Brown

Bob Brown



2014 to be honored on March 5, 2015
2013 Bob Moran
2012 Ray Andrews
2011 Gary Huspaska (OHSAA), Monty Mlakar (OHSAA),
Bob Walton & John St. John
2010 Tim O'Malle & A.J. Zdesar
2009 Tom Guzowski
2008 James O'Meara
2007 Dan Mason
2006 Ray Gentile
2005 Bob Blatchford
2004 Howard Eckert (Big East)
2003 Tom Bryan
2002 Jack O'Rourke (MAC/Big East)
2001 Sam Palumbo
2000 Art Massey (OAC/MAC)
1999 Tom Siewiorek (OVC)
1998 Don Brown (OAC/NCAC)
1997 Dale McRitchie (OAC)
1996 Fred Shirley (OHSAA)
1995 Fred Heinlen (OHSAA)
1994 Dave Hicks (Big East)
1993 Eugene Wodzisz (MAC)
1992 William Kingzett (NFL)
1991 Bud Ruland (Big Ten)
1990 Gordon McCarter (NFL)
1989 Bob Rice (NFL)